At Steamretro we have been working in the world of events since 2012: Wacken, Graspop, Gamescon, ComicCon…. But things have changed a lot in the recent months so we have decided to open our physical store in Oviedo with great enthusiasm. In our store you will find a great variety of things and styles, much more than what you have seen at events. Now we have more space so we can put all those things that we have been selecting over so many years, and many new surprises too. In our trips throughout Europe we have been able to meet first-hand artists and distributors of alternative, gothic and metal brands and now we bring them to our store in Oviedo, some of them exclusively in Spain. Many of the things we have available are handmade and designed by us: Steampunk jewelry, Steampunk Goggles, steampunk and cyberpunk masks, gothic jewelry, chokers and also our own clothing line for men and women. We have a exclusive selection of gothic clothing, heavy metal t-shirts, rock group t-shirts and a collection of accessories and collectibles for metal fans with groups such as Motorhead, Iron Maiden, etc. Also patches, small and large, caps.

 All our products are official, because all groups, big and small, must be paid for their work, so that they can continue creating that music that we love so much. We also have official merchandise from the Resurrection Fest festival. Another section of our store is collectibles. We have a space dedicated to military collectibles: uniforms, coats, medals, caps collected throughout our travels through Europe: from Great Britain, Germany, Russia, France…

 We also have a selection of products dedicated to the Templar world, reproductions of medieval helmets, Rings and figures.

Enter the World of Norsemen, Thor, Odin, prepare for Valhalla with our collection of figures, Jewellery, Helmets and drinkware! 

We have a section dedicated to the world of fantasy: dragons, fairies and Gothic figures perfect for your forest Hobbit hole, of Gothic castle dungeon. 

We also have our hommage  to the world of paganism and Baphomet. 

Apart from our gothic and steampunk clothing, we have a section called “casual wear” from a German brand, with military pants and shirts. Another highlight are the steel rings and pendants: skulls of all kinds in pure steel.

 Our store is located in the Otero neighborhood, when you visit us you can not only visit our store, in this neighborhood full of life you will find food stores, bars such as La Plazoleta, coffee shops such as Lo que era el Clarín, Gong Galaxy concert halls, the cultural windlass Lata de Zinc, Akra tattoo artist, Discos Alta Fidelidad, hairdressers, gyms, language schools, without a doubt, everything you may need to spend a few hours pleasantly and support the small businesses that need us so much in these difficult times

We are waiting for you at Julián Cañedo 4 local L 33008 Oviedo !!